Friday, May 05, 2006

How Kaavya copied, got caught and got screwed for life

Damn you Kaavya !! You couldn't even get a simple thing like Ctrl C + Ctrl V right ?? Shame on you !! Didn't anyone ever tell you about the Shift + F7 option in MS-Word !! I wish you had known, you could have atleast used synonyms for god sake !! Copying like this?? This is not your CBSE exam, you should have known better !!

But see what you have done now. You've given people like Shobhaa De, a chance to comment on all things literary !! Imagine that stupid writer of the worst porn I have ever come across, posing as one hell of a literary icon on TV. But then no one complained of Shobhaa copying from anyone, after all there aren't too many ways of writing "......... as he unhooked her bra, she moaned in ecstacy.......". But then you got even Salman Rushdie to comment on you, that surely must have been the high point of your short career, or so CNN-IBN seems to believe.

How on earth did you ever get to Harvard? I am being told that you 'hired' a lobbyist to get you into that snooty place? And after getting to Harvard what do you end up copying ... er writing? A stupid 'chick-lit' novel !! The goddamn term itself is so disgusting, sounds like you borrowed some one's half chewed gum. That's not we expect from someone going to Harvard do we? I thought brain dead monkeys or women with a rat's IQ would want to read that sort of trash.

Anyways, what you HAVE ensured is that whatever copies that are left on the street will now be sold for premium though I don't see why anyone should have read your trash in the first place. And couldn't you find a better name than Opal Mehta?? Sounds like a post-modern Gujju jeweler's daughter to me.

All said and done though, enjoy your ten minutes of fame any way they come. Till now only the women knew about you and and your chick-lit trash. Now all the men know about you as well, and I guess that can't be such a bad thing after all. Look out of your window, you may find some Thambi geek with a "Marry me Kaavya" placard down in the street.

Good luck then.......


Bharath said...

Nice one! And I totally agree with the thoughts on the name - Opal Mehta. It seems too.. flaccid!

chandni said...


Poor thing...if she actually gets to read this!!!

He he

Rajavanya said...

i just now was going through ur blog... i didnt know was kaavya... i just searched WIKI.. what ever might have happened, but she has been shot to the peek of publicity finally...