Sunday, May 07, 2006


Cold: Anything that is cold in this weather will do - water, juice, coke or better still a beer. With temperatures here topping 44 celcius, cold is all I can think of !!

Cohibas: Had one once, now waiting to be rich enough to afford them.

Chicken: Butter chicken, chicken seekh kabab in rumali roti, chicken tikka masala, tawa chicken, kadhai chicken........ the list is endless

Coromandel: Walking upto the Pennar level crossing in baking Nellore summers.... just to watch this legend thunder across the bridge

Chiranjeevi: Twelve rupee movies during summer vacations with cousins. Pelvic thrusts & Swiss songs. Flying fire engines and Telugu speaking Amrish Puri. Follow it up with Honeymoon Specials at Babu Cool Drinks. Ah... for the memory of those days

Cutty Sark: One of the finest gifts to mankind from Scotland

Chutiya: The universal description of any person whom you do not like

Cannabis: The leaf that can change your point of view

Colaba: Causeway, Sassoon Docks, Kailash Parbat, Bhindi Raita at Woodside Inn, Beer at Mondegar, Pasta & Dessert at Churchill, Kabab Roll at Bade Miyan, Mediterranean at the Souk and if that's not enough spend the entire night having coffee and listening to the roar of the sea battering itself against the rocks at the Strand's coffee shop

Chandni: What good is the moon without its light?


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Harini krishna said...

I am a regular reader of Chandni's blog..came across ur blog jus today..Jus wanted to say Hi..As I saw the words Nellore and chiranjeevi in ur blog :))
Yes ,I am from Andhra..And many congrats for ur book..