Friday, January 13, 2006

Things that irritate me no end....

  1. Drivers behind me who start honking a millisecond after the light turns green
  2. (K)Ekta Kapur's serials and her ilk
  3. The endless announcements on the Metro
  4. Backbiting
  5. Leaving a 1 rupee tip
  6. P3P, Delhi Times, HT City and Zoom
  7. Fashion TV (except the lingerie collection)
  8. Navjot Singh Sidhu
  9. Relatives wanting to marry me off...
  10. All of the above.....


Bengaloorean ! said...

Here in bangalore we have drivers honking even before signal turns green;-)
Some believe that in a countdown from 180 the 10-to-0 range is as good as 'over'!, also disregarding the fact that those who are under transition to Red are still sneaking through !!

Vrij said...

LoL abt No.9 :-))

The Blue Indian said...

why not add say mallika sherawat and rakhi sawant to it? ;-)