Saturday, January 14, 2006

St. Anger

I feel my earth shake
like an earthquake, hard to see clear..
is it me, is it fear..

I'm madly in anger with you

according to
an.ger - : A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.

according to wikipedia

Anger is a term for the emotional aspect of aggression, as a basic aspect of the stress response in animals in which a perceived aggravating stimulus "provokes" a counterresponse which is likewise aggravating and threatening of violence. Very mild types of anger are typically described as "distaste," "displeasure", or "irritation," while "rage" refers to an extreme degree of anger associated with a loss of calmness or discipline (in the case of human conduct).


Just the other day, I did an online test to find out which comic book superhero resembles my personality the most

no prizes for guessing... it was The Hulk !!


My anger, My pain


Fuck it all and no regrets
I hit the lights on these dark sets
I need a voice to let myself
To let myself go free
Fuck it all and fuck regrets
I hit the lights on these dark sets
Medallion noose I hang myself
St. Anger round my neck

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