Friday, November 28, 2008

Wolf in sheep's clothing

I knew this was coming...

This is what I read in the first paper I read in the morning - Indian Express

“We expect that the issue of terrorism is kept above politics. This is an hour for all sections of society to sink their differences,” said the BJP in a statement, after a meeting. “The need of the hour is for the people of Mumbai, Maharashtra and the country to stay united and calm. Maintenance of peace, tranquility, communal harmony and patriotic unity must be our highest priority,” said BJP leader L K Advani at a press meet.

For I moment I was happy. At least on this occasion our leaders were rising above petty politics and uniting. The previous night too BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad refused to be drawn in to a debate when proviked by Sagarika Ghosh on CNN-IBN saying that "this was not the time for such issues".

And then I picked up the Hindustan Times. At the bottom of the page was this ad

I have two words for you Mr. Advani - FUCK YOU !!!

The least you could have done is spare us the misery of listening to your forked tongue & crocodile tears. I am ashamed to say that at one point in time I voted for your party.

If anyone votes for the BJP after seeing this advert - they should also go get their heads checked.


Anonymous said...

Every damn political party is the same...kudos should be given to the NSG and defense people..Petty politics is what is ruining this country..

Kiran said...

"I am ashamed to say that at one point in time I voted for your party."

Well, I harbor similar sentiments towards this party. Although i dint actually vote for them .. i had supported this party for a long time, even before I had the right to vote.

All that is down the drain now. BJP is just like any other political party - petty, cheap and only interested in fattening its own a**e.

Anonymous said...'s quite pathetic.
Politics is eating up whatever that the terrorists left for us...

It's like a plague :(

- Serendipity

Ashish said...

Exactly my sentiments on reading the paper in the morning - the country is being ruined by these politicians who care shit bout wats humanity and wat are the Indians goin thru with this incident happening...

Yes again - all political parties are the same - cud have been the other way around too - ashamed to say that we have once voted for such idiots and 'many-faced' bozos!

Charmed One! said...

Indian politics is corrupted right from the roots.. The only thing these political parties do is play the blame game on each other.
All politicians are just the same... completely rotten from inside..

Anonymous said...

Did you see Advani talking to media? He was very casual ; least bothered about severity of occassion!! They have no heads :(

Sriram said...

One thing I really liked was Shoba De's comment from Mumbai on NDTV yesterday. She hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

The Congress is really no better. They are all the same.

Anonymous said...

Hey been reading you but never commented..

The past few days, whoever I've spoken to, is very sure that the BJP takes a hard line on terror and is more effective. No one for a minute even pauses to think of the other crimes that they have been complicit in. Simply because these are crimes against the minority.

So whatever you and I have to say against the BJP is not the same as what a lot of people I have spoken to are saying. Its scary and its almost a given now that the BJP is set to sweep back into power. The Congress is ineffective and currently they are the alternative. That's what it boils down to now..

Sidhusaaheb said...

Well said!


Anonymous said...

OMG! You voted for BJP! Yuck!

But glad you wrote about this. I did too. Hate those BJP bastards. Always did.

Me came over from the lady's blog, btw. Shall keep coming back :)