Thursday, November 27, 2008

The day after today

I know what's going to happen after today..

1. There will be widespread condemnation of the terror attack on Mumbai. Everyone from Aso to Zardari would speak in the same language.

2. The Indian government would vow strict action against those responsible and promise to bring more changes.

3. Opposition parties would take the government to the cleaners. LK Advani would cry his hoarse throat worse by saying we told you so...

4. With the ATS bosses gone - The Malegaon case would now soon slip into oblivion

5. Since the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack were apparently Muslim Jihadis, the Thackreys and Togadias of the world would find more ammo to fuel their rabid, radical, anti-Muslim Hindutva.

6. The news channels, specially Barkha Dutt will have another field day(s) and later thump their chests for bringing the maximum number of exclusives.

7. Three days later when the people are back on the streets, the 'indomitable spirit of Mumbai' will make headlines again

8. The ISI, LET and the underworld, along with Al-Qaeda will be the prime suspects

9. All of us will shake our heads, check with our friends and relatives in Mumbai for their safety and then move on

10. There will be another date to remember 26/11


Perakath said...

Perfectly said.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the only thing that survives. The indifference.

What a beautiful world we've created for our next generation :(

- Serendipity

Kiran said...

Very Very true. Well Put.

Soulmate said...

Thats all that our government can do.. and thats what makes us sad..

Sidhusaaheb said...

I couldn't agree more.


The Malegaon case is likely to be forgotten now and the BJP and its allies must be very happy about that. It was proving to be such an albatross around their necks.