Monday, September 22, 2008

In conversation with the wife

Me : C till how far can you count in Hindi?

C : Chaalis (forty)

Me : Uske Baad? (After that)

C : Forty One, Forty Two, Forty Three...... !!

You can't argue with that, can you?

Love you babe :-)


chandni said...

Good lord..

So all our dirty family secrets are coming out now!!!!!


btw now I can count till 50 in hindi!

Anonymous said...

Why do people project it as a sense of pride if they dont know the counting in Hindi.. I personally feel that Indians who dont know it, should be ashamed.. Its not just about counting in hindi, but the same goes for hindi varnmala.
I feel sad to read this anywhere.

nomad said...

* Mr. Anon - Before you start shooting the gun off your hip, maybe you should realize that not everyone has had the same level of education in Hindi. I can count till eternity in 5 Indian languages, because I learnt them... some don't get the same chance. So please stop generalising.

And I feel sad when people hide behind the anon tag when they need to make a controversial point.

Anonymous said...

There goes a hen-pecked husband. FYI, every school teaches Hindi atleast till class X in North India. Everything is not about learning in the school. Hindi is our Mother tongue. Ask any German or French or Japanese and they can count in their languages without showing it, as a sense of pride if they dont know it. This is the problem with most of the Indians and I feel sad about it, even though I am also an Indian.

May be you will not agree to the point but thats how it is. If we dont know English, its shameful. but if we dont know Hindi, we have excuses. Hah!!!

The reason behind the anon tag is that I dont have any URL or id which I can use. Dont want to argue anymore. Just said what I thought and felt. Peace.
- Priyanka.

chandni said...

@Boy: trust trolls to spoil and make a big deal about a small light hearted moment. I am begining to believe nobody likes to see others happy anymore! ;)

dear Anon/priyanka: Sigh! What gives you the impression anyone is "proud" in this situation??

For your info, not all schools in north India tecah hindi till class X. Most of us learnt hindlu till 8th after which we "chose" what language, mine being sanskrit ( not very cool no?)

and by the way I 'd love to see how many people who can count till infinity in hindi, can actually claim to be masters of pure hindi? What we've all grown up calling our mother tonge is actually very conversational hindi, hardly the stuff hindi literature is made of.

It os ok to have a different opinion but being rude and making personal remarks just makes u a troll incapable of civil conversation.

We're just a poor hen pecked couple, I think u will more at home with the saffron brigade so kindly move on.

(How did I arrive at the conculsion that u are an extremist, regional fanatic type person? just like u have assumed things about others)

Sidhusaaheb said...

No use arguing with the powers-that-be, I suppose.


Good to see that bhabhi is making progress, BTW.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been trolled. Not something that happens to a lot of people!

Perakath said...

Arrey kahan gayi, monkeywala post?

"Sattar aur saath"-type conjunctions continue to serve me well, although I now know that Hindi numbers aren't as random as I once thought them...

Aaarti said...

hahahaha.. now, she wins hands down with that!! :)

@Anon- i dint know it was necessary for ALL to KNOW hindi... ashamed?really?
Everyone needs[should want] to know their stuff[talking,reading, writing,numbers,words.etc etc] in their mother tongue, that is good enough...!!

Pooja said...

funny post :)

don't know if i have the right to jump into the argument, but i guess as long as i can maintain politeness, no one should mind

@ anon/priyanka

i dont know if you realise it but in lets say japan or germany or whatever countries you named there is primarily one sole language or its variants that are spoken.

the same can scarcely be said about india. we have 18 national languages and god knows how many dialects. tell me, if someone is a bengali and speaks bengali fluently, is it a compulsion, as you make it sound, to know the numbers in hindi ?

for a alot of indians, hindi is the 'rashtra-bhasha' or national language and not the 'matra-bhasha' or mother tongue.

i wonder in how many national languages that are not your mother tongue, you can count or say the alphabet..

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha...that was such a ridiculous comment by Anon/Priyanka. (Mebbe you should blog and comment in Hindi)

Ok. Nomad...I kinda stumbled onto your blog, and then chandni's blog. You guys write well :). Already subscribing to the feeds of the blogs of The Boy and The Girl :)

- Serendipity (the other anon :P)

the mad momma said...

ah nomad. ignore the trolls. it was that note of indulgence in your pots - a man in love - that wasnt acceptable to them. har kisi ko nahi milta pyar zindagi mein - hence they go around missing the point, being trolls and generally spreading gloom and doom.

the rest has been addressed by other readers.

dipali said...

Chandu, I actually do the same- if I'm counting cash, especially, till forty it's in Hindi, followed by English. And I do know the numbers- just a weird habit.