Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Actor

Two days ago, I get a call from my Big Boss' secretary asking me to ring up this gentleman regarding a film shoot at my workplace. The name given to me sounded very familiar but then so are most Punjabi names - and the name was the same as that of a flop actor, brother of a very famous lead actor. The number was a Bombay number, but then so are all Bollywood numbers.

Nevertheless, I call in my best polite corporate voice and here's how it went

Me: Good afternoon Mr. FA (Flop Actor), this is SN from DA. I was given your number by Mr. AH's secretary and I am told this is regarding some film shoot.

FA: Yes Yes, when can I come and see your godown?

Me: Godown? I'm sorry sir but I am kind of unaware to the background of your conversation with Mr. AH so if you could be kind enough to brief me.

FA: OK.. you see I am shooting for this film which requires a scene to be shot at your workplace. However, due to the tightened security following the recent bomb blasts, I am not getting permission to shoot at your premises. Hence, we are shooting in this mall, but I need props from your end to be able to recreate your workplace in the mall.

Me: Oh OK... Sir, let me see what I can do as I am not the guy who would be able to provide you with what you need. That's another department - I'll pass them the message and have them call you ASAP.

FA: OK Pls do, I'll wait for your call.

30 Minutes Later, my phone rings and its the FA again and he's agitated

FA: Hello, SN what happened man?

Me: (By then I knew who he was, so I was on first names with him) I'm sorry FA, but what happened?

FA: No one called me dude !!

Me: I've passed on the message FA, I'm sure someone will call you.

FA: But when? I have this shoot on this and this date and I need your stuff!!

Me: I understand FA, but just that I really can't help you. I have left a message with the people who can and I am sure they'll call you.

FA (Now trying to sound threatening, like he so unsuccessfully does in the movies): I don't think you get it. I have spoken to your Chairman, your MD and they have assured me that their people will help.

Me: Yes FA, we ARE trying to help, but I hope you appreciate the fact that mine is a big organization and does take some time to organize the kind of unusual request you have made.

FA (Now Super Angry): I don't think you know who you are talking to. I am FA the actor you see?

Me (In my best call centre employee tone): FA ?? I'm sorry Sir, but I don't recall....

FA: FA... remember that famous film with the famous song....

Me: Oh you're HA (Hit Actor's) brother.... !!!

FA: (Thoroughly deflated) ... yes yes.... can you please get your people to call me back. Its very urgent, please.

Me: Sure Sir... will try my best...


Sidhusaaheb said...

Just another day at the


The Blue Indian said...


Btw, could you drop a little more hint as to who is this FA. I am really curious to know :)

the mad momma said...

so who was this?! i am totally curious.

frissko said...

ok, can't refrain from guessing...FA = SK, and HA = AK?...

nomad said...

people - frissko got it right, it is indeed SK, the brother of the very hairy AK :D

Anonymous said...

Anil Kapoor vs. Sanjay Kapoor.. It took me sometime to even crack the initials.. :-)

SMM said...

Oh I got it right too...was wondering.I'm still wondering though which idiot would invest his money in Sanjay Kapoor?