Saturday, October 20, 2007

C'mon Aussie, be a sport

The recent India Australia one day series has been more in the news for the 'wrong' reasons that the right ones. But first the cricket and my disclaimer - Australia was and still is the better cricket team. Nobody in their right mind would contest that. But what that title has brought with it remains to be examined.

Sreesanth's tomfoolery and Mumbai / Baroda crowd antics have got Australia's goat and they are screaming "racism, racism" louder than Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu !! This has even instigated my fellow bloggers in Australia into planning a reception for the Indians when they turn up down under in December !! How cute !!

I would say it is a clear case of the kettle calling the pot black, or rather 'Ulta Chor Kotwaal Ko Daante'. Have these guys forgotten Darren Lehmann who called Sri Lankans as Black C***s on the field ?? Have these guys forgotten how often their sledging gets personal ?? Remember Glenn McGrath taunting Ramnaresh Sarwan and Saurav Ganguly? Remember Michael Slater taking it out on Dravid?

C'mon Aussie - just because someone turned the heat back on you - and gave you a piece of your own medicine, you've turned overnight into Sisters from the Missionaries of Charity !!

Symonds, the man at the centre of this all had this to say at the start of the series... "Something has been sparked inside of me, watching them carry on over the last few days,. We have had a very successful side and I think watching how we celebrate and how they celebrate, I think we have been pretty humble in the way we have gone about it."

"And personally, I think they have got far too carried away with their celebrations. It has definitely sparked passion inside of us. It has certainly spiced it up as well."

Humble?? My fuckin ass !!! I'd like to shove some memory pills down his throat to remind them of what they did to Sharad Pawar after winning the Champions Trophy. Or of their own celebrations when they returned to Sydney after winning the World Cup.

I used to think of you as a champion side, a side full of sportsmen - not anymore, you're just another bunch of bigoted, racist, full of yourselves white boys masquerading as ambassadors for the sport. Sorry, we do not want ambassadors like you. We'd rather have more Sachin Tendulkars and Rahul Dravids - not because they are one of the best cricketers, but simply because they are one of the nicest human beings you'll meet on a cricket field. Sport needs them - not you


Bharath said...

Preach it, brotha! :)

Sidhusaaheb said...

To be absolutely honest, I am no great fan of those who lose control, whether on the sports field or anywhere else.

Being assertive and not aggressive is what I believe in.


chandni said...

you have received an award!!

come collect :)