Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Open Letter to ISI, LeT, Jaish, Al Qaida - et al

You fucking morons

You don't have the balls of an ant and you call yourself warriors, oh sorry holy warriors? Are half of you even literate enough to read what the Holy Quran says? Even if you did, I doubt if any of you even have an amoeba's IQ to decipher what the Prophet taught. Killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children going home after a hard day's work is not war in my book.. its a fucking act of cowardice which only low lifes, imbeciles and dick less turds like you can perform. You call this jehad right? I didn't know that jehad was about lobbing grenades at unsuspecting tourists, killing and maiming 6 year olds. I bet right now you and your masters would be watching the carnage on TV and rolling over in glee, after all only fucked up brains like yours can see the fun in it.

You want to fight for your relegion, fight for your Kashmir, fight against us infidels right? Then why don't you come out in the open and fight man to man? Why don't you wage open war upon India? I thought Allah's fighters had guts of steel, so why plant a bomb on the sly and run? Why don't to face our cannons head on? Forget the cannons, why don't you face me one to one? Trust me assholes, you will piss in your pants before you do that. I challenge you.. fight a straight fight and see who wins. But you won't because you don't have the balls. You won't even be able to look straight into my eyes. You are the worst scum this universe has ever produced and if you are dreaming of heaven after this then I am sorry.

For if there exists a God, A Allah or a Ram he will condemn you to the worst corner of hell. Because if he doesn't then he is no God... then he is one of you.


scarecrow said...

ha...i just feel like taking a gun out and banging few....

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

That was just what should have been said right into their faces.

Scheming f'kin' cowards, they are... I bet India's population would drown them by spitting into their faces.

Anonymous said...

You should include the other cowards like Hezbollah who do consider that its an act of bravery to use innocent citizens as human shields and fire rockets to other innocent people.

Bloody eunuchs... who neither have the courage and the guts to come and fight like a man... yet claim to be a liberator... Bastards!!!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Many followers of many religions twist the interpretation of their holy texts in order to be able to preach and practise hatred and violence towards those who follow a different faith.