Monday, May 22, 2006

The Very Best of Bollywood in 2005

Just got hold of the list of Hindi movies released in 2005. Here are some of the very best. If anyone has seen them, please do post a review. By the way, do notice that some of the best in this list are the ones with English subtitles

2 Piece
The first on the list and I am clueless already

99.9 FM
Is this a movie? Or was there in the list by mistake?

Anjane - Unknown
Hum to abhi tak Anjane ke matlab se Anjan the !!

BF - Bad Friend

Billi - The Wild Cat
Somebody.... please somebody get Maneka Gandhi out here. She needs to see how humans are being subjected to such torture

Bullet - Ek Dhamaka
This one was produced by the people from Jane's Defence Weekly

Classic Dance of Love
Starring: Jeetendra, Sridevi, Jaya Prada. Music by Bappi Lahiri. Shot at the exotic locales of VGP Gardens near Chennai.

C U AT 9
Shot with the Nokia N series phone and circulated over GPRS. The format never made it to the theaters.

Dhamkee - The Extortion
Haha!! And Dawood Bhai thought we won't be able to figure out that he is the one producing this one.

Har Raat Naya Saudagar
Shakeela's thundering thighs are the highlight of this one, or so I am hoping

Hot Mashooka - A Dangerous Lover
Starring Bobby Darling in a Double Role ;o)

Kamjori - The Weakness
After the film flopped, the hero was signed on by 303 capsules as their brand ambassador

Kaaravas - The Punishment
This is the prequel to The Rock. Deals with the constipated life of Sean Connery when he was imprisoned at Alcatrez.

Main Cabaretwali
Featuring Item Numbers by Bindu, Shashikala & Guddi Maruti

Main Bikaoo - On Sale
You can watch the film's promos on TVC Teleshopping - To order call 9211420

Missed Call
Another movie shot on the cell phone. This one features Negar Khan in a saree.

Model - The Beauty
I consider it below my dignity to comment on such names

Munnibai MA BCom
Munnibai, jo mangta hai le lo, magar apun ko maaf kar. Bole to apun roz tere ko hafta denga, magar abhi too apun ek aur jaadu ki pappi diya na to apun ko divorce ho jayenga. Aur sun, vo Sanju baba ko bol retire hone ko. Abhi uska market khatam.

Raja Bhaiya Lage Raho
A critically acclaimed docudrama on the sex , lies and poltics of Pratapgarh. OK OK sorry, it was a joke... lage raho India lage raho

Ram Balram Aur Ramkali
The untold story of the time when Amitabh & Dharmendra fought over Negar Khan's panties

How could I ever miss this one? I have heard the title role has been played by Anil Kapur

U Bomsi N Me
At the end of the list I am sure you are as clueless as me. Where the fuck were these movies??


Supremus said...


Sigh - and I have missed so mannnnnnnny of 'em!

BTW, I did write on 2 movies on my blog here:

And I am sure Greatbong has his own selection too hehe!

Must try and watch these movies :D

Dhananjay Shettigar said...

My knowledge of these 'classic' movies comes from watching posters outside a seedy theatre situated on way to my workplace at Bombay.
In fact, had web-researched into a couple of such movies and some of the stuff was truly hilarious.
You can find them at:

Keep Blogging.

chandni said...


Your yearly round up of shady films is too good ;)

Swapna said...

Wow... this is amazing, I've never even heard of these movies.. :)

nomad said...

Supremus: Blame it on the multiplex culture, we always miss such C grade gems amidst the gloss of the A list biggies.

Dhananjay: Yes yes, its the seedy theater that is the mecca of such classics. Visiting such places with a hint of cheap whisky on your breath completes the ambience.

Chandni: Thanks, waiting for 2006 :o)

Swapna: As I said, always look out for the shadier theaters in town, thats where such amazing titles unfold.

Vrij said...

Hahahaha... awesome..

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