Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gems from Rediff Matchmaker

I have this weird habit of collecting 'interesting' profiles of matrimonial ads from Rediff Matchmaker, some of the very best..............

GR (likes watching his partners and has a penchant for typing saharanpur in every sentence)
hello i am simple cool.i m living in saharanpur, working in group saharanpur my family in my mom,dad & me.i well setaled in saharanpur my family is a gursikh family,i watching a simple, smart intelligent,cool & gursikh life partner

VM (has difficulty explaining things, wonder how he would get a bride?)
Hello myself VM, this the difficult task to me that how I can explain to myself.

PB (is looking for a face readin docter chokri !!!)
m workng with airlines company looking for well cultured,nice human nature family loving chokri who is well educated and i dont know but my dream is to marry docter...because they are simple,goodlooking as no much styles and can r5ead every thing on face itself..i just like them

AK (hopes to get good self depended bride)
Hi She should be smart to handle any sitution without anyone help i mean to say self depended not by working but by mind and should also love my nature of work and understand Ups and down in profession love to encourage me and support me ofcourse i will be the same to her. Anyway hope get good and for that reason be Good.

SY (pity i couldnt see his pic so i don't know if he is really jolly!)
hi im sanju im very jolly person doin job as a software professional. as u see my pic im so. n looking for a MBBS girl with no religion bar.n fair girl

KM (has his fundas clear in life)
i want looking nice gal

KR (his wife would love him.. he would stay calm no matter how much she screams)
i am only son having 1sister she is already married my intreast is being calm at present i am doing job in private firm

SK (is he from a family of olympic sprinters?)
I am a fun loving person and my fiancy is should be very outspoken and should not hide any factors, should be a good friend and move well with my family members.

DK (human understandable person... now that's a new one !)

VK (i reserve my comments)
name:kakumanu.venkatasivannarayana Mother:peddammai father:sivaiah Brother:Nagaravindrababu (married on 22may2005) religion:Hindu(Rajaka) Hobbies:playing
cricket,kabaddi,chess. working: film city at Hyderbad( A.P)salary :Rs.3246/-pm

BB (is he scared of sting operations?)
hi this is Shankar looking for a nice girl i hope she must share my life.waiting for u r reply i don want expose my self much more meet me decide u r self.


chandni said...

:).. put in ur comments as well

Liquid Oxygen said...

dude! that was an awesome I am laughing my @$$ off :))

Anonymous said...

funny but I also felt a little pity..these guys dont earn much but they have access to the internet and are posting this..thats awesome...Rs.3246 per month..can you survive on that?

Sudipta Chatterjee said...


Wonder why you were surfing Rediff Matchmaker, though ;)

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! I wish you had skipped adding their names though. I mean we should try and understand where these people are coming from.

GSIK said...

too funny.

Anonymous said...

dude..whats the point of highlighting their names. yes they are funny.and they are also sad in a way...ever wondered how tough its for normal indian guys, who dont earn that much these days to find a girl...

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their own limitations. We should encourage their efforts, should not comment them.

Jitu Vishy said...

OK, not everyone has the privilege of an English education. Its only in India that people who can speak a couple of sentences in English poke fun at others who can't. English is not our first language dammit.

seeji said...

No comments.... though funny, sort of black humour

nomad said...

Ok folks, on popular demand the real names of the people have been disguised. I guess it's only fair, once again apologies to those offended.

Pls don't take this too seriously, I am not ridiculing anybody.... think of it of laughing on a Lalu joke cracked in Laughter Challenge

Proud_Indian said...

What is this kind of post ? Do you not know if lot of people of India are just not good in English writing? They only want cool wife and matrimony is simple source ? You write English good but doesnt mean you want to make fun of others? People work hard and have not much money so they use internet to find wifes.

Seriously, the fact that you are spending your time "collecting" "interesting" matrimonial profiles tells me that you are a huge loser who has nothing better to do than take cheap shots against some poor young adults in India, who are trying their best to live their life !!

Shame on you !!!

Orly said...

Hey proud_indian,
Chill man! This is all to be taken in the lighter sense... We all appreciate the way we live and that life is tough... Nobody has an easy life and if you do sometime or the other life catches up with you... So take it easy, and enjoy some good piece of work... It isn't making fun but just sharing some lighter moments...