Monday, June 22, 2009

Making music... and how !?!

There are music shows and there are music shows. But every once in a while something comes your way that blows away all known rules, patterns and norms and creates a space, a genre for itself.

One such event is the Coke Studio series. I came across the first season while surfing random videos on youtube, and by the end of the evening - I had the entire series downloaded.

Pakistani music producer Rohail Hayat brought together artists from various genres of the Pakistani music scene and got them to jam and perform live - the result? Sheer magic.

I was eagerly looking forward to season 2 - and minutes into the first video - the bat had been raised beyond the stratosphere. Sain Zahoor & Noori collaborated to come up with this otherworldly rendition of a Bulleh Shah kafi, Aik Alif.

Now I hope SOMEONE in Bollywood or at Coke comes up with the brilliant idea of copying this format and get some of the Indian artists to perform like this. PLEASE...


MinCat said...

but they had one on channel V i think long ago, i remember parikrama and usha uthup for one. Jammin' it was called

chandni said...

i love the header!

Anonymous said...

Hey Boy!
I need to ask you something about cameras. I couldn't find your e-mail address mentioned anywhere here. Could you please share it?

Sidhusaaheb said...

I absolutely loved the first four and a half minutes of this! Could've done without the Urdu/Hindi interjection though...I wish the entire track had been in Punjabi.


Chayakaar said...

Thank you for the song. I can't just get over it. It's been ages since I got goose bumps and tears listening to a song.