Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dear Barkha

I hope you've been reading and seeing the news over the last few years. If you have, then you'd know that the Internet is on its way (if not already) the most popular medium of sharing information now. I hope you've not forgotten the fact that it is 'We the People' who made you who you are. I hope you remember that it is when we watch TV - that you get paid your salary.

What you have today is what was given by us. So don't let it get into your head - but then it was bound to happen. At your lofty pedestal, any barb would hurt - any criticism would rankle isn't it? After all, how dare a puny little blogger with no credentials criticise the great Barkha Dutt?

But I am sure you never feel so before shoving your mike in anyone's face and demanding an explanation for his acts. He is duty bound to answer you right? Because you are the press, you have the right to know. You can brand anyone a murderer , a criminal long before anything is proven in the courts simply because you - have the freedom of expression. No one can challenge you right?

Wrong !! Two can play this game ma'am - in fact anyone can join. Lets see who wins? Today, you and your company's lawyers may have been able to bully one blogger into submission? Do you think you'd be able to do that to a few hundred, leave alone thousands if we decide to take you on? You may have won this round, but the battle has just begun. Join it here


Sidhusaaheb said...

Barkha or some one from NDTV's public relations department could have engaged the blogger through the comments section of the blog-post, providing a clear enunciation of Barkha's and the channel's position.

aemjay said...

I used to marvel at the guts of the lady. But I think she has grown too big for her shoes. And anyways, press in general behaves like a spoil child. They demand power sans responsibility which sadly does not happen. There are reputed companies who have dedicated people responding to user's 'rants' on It shows the power of this media.

Hrishi said...

Have linked to your write up on my blog.
Have also posted the original post and the retraction...

I really wonder, how much time will it take for them to get in touch with me :)

Dr Arnob said...

Al large portion of the TV media is drunk with power, and displays less intelligence than the average drunk.

How often have we seen them admit to their mistakes due to poor/nonexistent judgement?

Did ANY news channel apologize for slandering Arushi Kapoor's father? I feel a lot of what has been expressed by Mr Kunte is true, regardless of whatever methods have been used by NDTV to silence him thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Well said.
the fourth estate, however, in India shows the misdirected power in the hands of irresponsible people: pretty much the way it works in politics or anything else.

Jayant said...

A big thumbs up!