Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Open letter to David Milliband

Dear Mr. Miliband

How nice and proper of you to say so.

I just have one question for you? Would you have said the same had these people plotted and attacked the Buckingham Palace or the Tower Bridge?

Just because you and your cousins across the pond have your own agenda to run in Pakistan you say this? What do you have to say about Guantanamo Bay then?

Sir you were the first to invade Iraq and Afghanistan weren't you? Didn't you send your SAS men to kill the IRA in their bedrooms? Why is it okay for you and not for us?

I do not advocate violence, nor do I support war. All I want to know is that why are there two sets of rules?


~nm said...

They are just a bunch of hypocrites!!

Perakath said...

Conversely, Nomad, if the roles were reversed, do you think India would happily hand over its citizens to be "tried" in Pakistan? There can be only one outcome of such trials. Who is India to demand extradition of citizens of another sovereign country?

Anonymous said...

While I agree that it sounds like there are "two" sets of rules, the fact of the matter (as pointed out by Perakath), is that neither country will give up its citizens to be tried in another country (with which it doesn't even have an extradition treaty).

- Serendipity

Annie said...

yup, i agree....also i would like to know why Saddam Hussain was punished in the US, when he has equally broken the Iraqi rules. I guess, the first set of rules is only for a few countries that think they are the super powers and the rest fall in for the 2nd set. Good point by you btw.

nomad said...

Perakath / Serendipity : that is not my point at all? all i am asking is that would the UK behave in the same way as it is doing now if anyone from another country went and attacked theirs?

What gives them the right to meddle in our affairs when it suits them and behave like an ostrich otherwise?

Anonymous said...

More than Britain or the US, the problem lies with us....why are we letting them dictate terms ?
Why are we so hell bent on getting them on our side in this issue?
What stops us from launching an offensive if we are convinced?

aemjay said...

Its the very reason why Ram Vilas Paswan demonstrate against Isreali attacks on Gaza... everyone plays to their local constituency.... Britain, USA and for that matter any country will do and say what is beneficial for their city/constituency/country/region. feel India should stop looking up to these for approval and chart its own course of action. That may be war or diplomacy it depends on what we feel is best.. not what other countries 'advocate' as best.

Sidhusaaheb said...

What do we say to foreigners when we have a different set of standards within our own country for, say, those who commit acts of terrorism and those who kill, maim, rape and loot during communal riots? A close look at the records of investigations carried out, the number of people arrested and charged and, finally, the difference in the number of convictions secured and those actually punished should make that amply clear.

The double standards of the West, BTW, have become amply clear through their actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The latest instance in the series being Gaza, where the US and the UK largely remained silent spectators to the massacre of thousands of innocent people, including children, by the Israelis. It remarkable that Israel has now promised its soldiers immunity against prosecution for war-crimes.