Saturday, January 19, 2008

This day - That Year

This tag comes courtesy Chandni. Though I'm not those who'd look back and mull over things too much, but I would take this opportunity to dole out advice to myself (like I love to do) to myself. Because hindsight make us wiser, doesn't it? So here we go...........

Haan to bhai Nandu, you've just gotten engaged eh? Soon to tie the knot and settle down as our lovely ol' Punjabis say? So how does it feel?

I know you're the person who doesn't like anything in constancy. I know you like to keep moving - you self proclaimed nomad !! But trust me dude, it's all worth it. Think of those times when you were living alone, when each night you came home to an empty house, came to no one. You felt like doing nothing, didn't feel like a drink, but you drank; didn't feel like eating but you did. You did that because you had to.

Not anymore son, not anymore - think of what you're getting... you're going to be (always) with the person you love. She'll be there to take care of you, she'll be there to hold you close, she'll be there to fill up the space that's been empty.

More importantly you'll be able to take care of her, the way you've always wanted to. Remember the time, when she got mugged and how you felt helpless, not anymore... now maybe you can chase that moron down and give him the knucle sandwich that he deserves. You'll be able to ensure that she has a proper breakfast and more than just Maggi for dinner.

Even more importantly, you'll be together. And now don't tell me if it isn't the thing that you wanted all these years. Just go for it partner, you won't regret it... Trust me, I know it better than anyone else does.

And in case you're wondering how.... remember that I've been there, done that ;-)

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Sidhusaaheb said...

Married life seems to be doing you a lot of good, Maasha-Allah!