Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Boy and the paintings - 2

I was at Priya again, this time to watch Taare Zameen Par. Amazing movie, and a wonderful effort from Aamir Khan - straight from the heart. Stepping out of the theater, I instinctively looked where I hoped the boy would be. As if on cue - he was there trying to secure his paintings with stones so that they won't fly off in the wind.

There were ten of his paintings, which he sold for a grand total of hundred rupees. I don't know how much those rupees would mean to him, or how long they'll be able to help him - but for me, those ten paintings are some of the most prized possessions that I have. Agreed that they are dirty and dog eared, and I sure as hell can't make out what he's drawn. Then again, I can't tell a Picasso from a Van Gogh either !!


Sidhusaaheb said...

You helped a budding artiste retain his self-respect...Good job! :)

Meher :) said...

"I can't tell a Picasso from a Van Gogh either"

Makes sense.. we might as well buy this kid's paintings which ome cheaper and also help encourage him, rather than pay thousands & more for something which might not really make sense for us!

Atleast.. the boy's paintings gives you a sense of satisfaction that you have done something worthwhile, everytime you look at it :)

nomad said...

# Sidhusaaheb - I just wish there were more like him.

# Meher - Agree with you, paying millions for paintings is beyond my comprehension, specially when there is no yardstick to compare them. For me, this boy is the best painter in the world and I'd rather pay for his work.

Sushruta said...

one such drawing adorns my desk...two thousand kms away from Priya.