Sunday, June 24, 2007


There is a new radio station in Delhi - and its only for women. That certainly is a first. While the idea is commendable - the execution is downright hmmmmm...... how do i put it...... well the execution is downright heteroclite !! It's called Meow FM can you believe it?

Just the other day I was driving back from work when I tuned to this channel. Some typical Bollywood number was playing and as the song ended, the RJ - let out this disgusting "Meoww... welcome back listeners, that was a song by ......" I was first wondering what the hell was that? Then a listener came on air to request a song and the conversation goes?

RJ - Meowww..... who's that
Listener - Hi this is Shewta
RJ - Meowww ... Shweta
Shewta - Hi RJ...
RJ - Shewta..... Meowwwwww !!!!!!
Shweta - Oh sorry .... Meow

At that point, I couldn't take it anymore and changed the station

Then again some other day, I tuned in again - simply because other stations were playing Himesh or some stupid real estate ad. This time, one RJ was handing over the mike to another and both exchanged big fat Meows !! The new RJ calls up some aunty-ji types and again goes Meow - the poor aunty ji had no clue what hit her and after much coaxing she managed to let out a Meow - best described as the one let out by a famished kitten hiding under a trash can on a rainy night.

Since the station is exclusively for women - I guess I had no business eavesdropping, but I just have one question? Why the f*** 'Meow' ?? Couldn't ye all find something better to identify with? The tag-line for the station is "Thodi Meethi Thodi Catty" (A little sweet, a little catty) but you should have taken the word 'little' a bit more seriously. I suspect that somewhere the inspiration behind this station must be that saucy Cine Blitz lady.

Anyways, the only piece of advice I can give you is to tone down the catty behaviour pronto, or soon you may have Woof FM coming up, started by tormented men whose wives, sisters or girlfriends have gone catty over them. Before ye all feminists starting bashing me up and burn my effigies at Jantar Mantar, I must state that I am NOT your typical MCP and I have nothing against women and their radio stations and cookery shows, I just cringe at the thought of two women screeching Meow each time they see each other. Imagine a college canteen, a bunch of girls yakking away to glory when another one their friends joins in, how would the conversation go?
"Meeeeoooowwwwwwwwwww Radhika !!!!!". "Oh Meoooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww girls, what's up?" ... Just think of the rest of the conversation and imagine the plight of the boys in the canteen. Imagine lunch time conversations in office, Imagine your lady boss going Meeeeoooowww on the phone !!

If this goes on a little bit more, you may see real cats committing harakiri, or simply go attack the nearest radio set. Please, for the sake of cats.... find a better name for your radio station.


Sidhusaaheb said...

A bit of an identity crisis there, it seems to me...


chandu said...


Am most u know why I prefer to be identified as one of the boys :D

Lakshmamu said...

eeeeeeeeks heard the catchline felt humans turned into cats ooooh now what meow stereo also !!!!!!!

The Blue Indian said...

Lolzzzz... I cant stop laughing... meeowwww!!!!

I am waiting for this station to debut in Mumbai... meeowwww!!

Anonymous said...

Well, the DOGS are on the run.... yes Meow will take over your lives. Watch out MEN.... or face the MEOW Wrarth. :)

Suresh S said...

That is pathetic! If people were to call themselves creative by coming up with such WTF taglines, then its time for the listeners to show their share of 'SMARTNESS'!! This is my first visit to ur blog! Good job!!

nomad said...

@ sidhusaaheb - you're putting it very mildly :D

@ chandu - you've always been welcome to the gang

@ mamu - wait till you hear it for real, for a better opinion ask bharath

@ blue indian - do let me know what bombay wallahs think of it

@ anon - do you work for meow fm?

@ suresh - thanx mate

Rejoy said...

cool post! woofm is not a bad idea... i guess "who let the dogs out" would be the them song ;)

ginnie said...

Ahem so since you did tune in while driving back from work I am presuming you were tuned in to my show from five to eight. So your first complaint is against the name MEOW-- well as is with all names you either like it or lump it. Personally I feel its a little irreverent and encourages one to take themselves a little too seriously. Secondly since you did not mention anything about the show at all I presume you did not have the patience to hear it. I do think that you might be surprised and find yourself enjoying the conversation. So do tune in listen and if you feel like then participate since it is about teh abttle of the sexes and then write the good bad and ugly on your blog. Would be interested in readin it then.

nomad said...

@ rejoy: agree totally, there can't be a better theme song.

@ ginnie - nice to see that my blog has caught the eye of the channel RJ's no less. Well for starters, I did not trash the content of your channel even one bit. i've heard it and it's neither better nor worse than any other station - so i am cool. And I am not interested in any battle of the sexes - i think it's just hype !!

My rant was against the "Meow" bit. It's way too much ... and trust me it's not just the boys who are cringing - ask any of my female friends about it. The other day I was in a movie theater when your ad played... I can bet more than half the women in the theater were wincing. Why don't you do a dipstick someday and ask people what they think of it?

Ranganath Eunny said...

Imagine we have a FART (For All Radical Types)FM started.

Catchline would be "Life Stinks!".

The RJs would well greet listeners with...

And they would play different tunes all day.

Fortunately, sanity still rules.

Ranga - one of those nasty moods :)

japcat7 said...

Hi .. Ginni,

Why all this hue n cry on extended tax exemption limit of womens ??? look .. we have already discussed in no. of shows that women gets favour everywhere and even few days back i have listen on one of the radio station that man even slow down their vehicle speed if there is some woman driving near by .. which is true too !! so the point is ke "apne FM ke seene me bhee DIL hai jo dhadakta hai" . so its ok like every man he did bit favour to the most beautiful creation of the god.


Roop Rai said...

hmm I've been trying to listen to this channel online but with no success. I wanna hear the meoooowww!! :D

Saad Akhtar said...

My thoughts exactly! The potential was there, the execution however, is lacking. And the people they choose to call end up being strictly aunti-ji types. Mostly. I wonder if women actually like it?

I did a comic on, shall we say, a similar mythical radio channel. Hope you like it. Here's the link

Disha said...

I think it's exaggeration on your part, if I may voice my opinion.
Meow is not that bad a word.
And none of them certainly go MEOOWWWWWWWWWW as you seem to have mention. It just makes it seem plastic and fake, which it's not. It's just a way of greeting. Would you say that on seeing the Eskimos rub noses with each other gives you right to be judgmental about it?
And well, they are the people who came up with this original ideas and a LOT of listeners do listen to it and LOVE it. So, I am guessing the idea is "successful". Why don't you criticize their work when you have something equally good to boast about?
Just voicing my opinion.
No offence meant, dude.