Thursday, November 07, 2013

How Meru Cabs almost ruined my Diwali

Note : I wouldn't do this normally. I have enough brains to understand that once in a while an organization does face problems in service delivery. But what my goat was the fact that Meru still hasn't bothered to revert on my complaints which I raised on the call centre and via their Twitter account.

On Nov 1,2013 I booked a Meru Cab from Malad to Mumbai Airport for 1730 hrs via Meru Cabs' website. I got a confirmation message for booking #22515917 with the standard note that I'll get my cab details 20 mins before pickup time. Till 1725 or thereabouts, I got no SMS or call from them, so I rang up their customer care on my own. After a long wait I get through to an agent who promptly informs me that my cab is delayed due to unavailability of cabs in the area due to a traffic jam. When I asked her why I wasn't informed, she said 'the concerned team was about to reach out to me'. When I asked when the cab would come, she said it would be delayed by 15-20 mins.

I got no further call or SMS from Meru that evening. At 1745 my patience ran out and I had to hail an auto finally. There was absolutely no traffic jam in the area (and if Google Maps Traffic was to be believed, none in the vicinity of Goregaon, Malad or Kandivali at that hour). Worse, there were two Meru Cabs parked right beneath my building with the drivers having chai!

I barely made it to my flight home for Diwali and on the way I even tweeted twice or thrice tagging their official account, and yet got no response. 

So dear Meru Cabs, what am I to understand? That you give no shit to a customer? As far as I can see that is exactly what it seems. I am not here asking for any money nor am I here threatening I will not use your service ever again. 

All I ask for as a customer is some respect. Respect for the fact that once I got a confirmation SMS I don't have to worry about getting to the airport or missing my flight. Respect for the fact that if you cannot send a cab, at least have the decency to inform me - in time. Respect the fact that if I am raising a concern, acknowledge it. If you cannot respect such basics then I suppose you have no right to run a business that has a direct impact on our lives. I still do not demand anything from you, merely expect that you pull up your socks. 

I hope that is not too difficult.


Meru Cabs said...

Hi Sardarth Vader,

We regret the inconvenience faced by you. We always try our level best to provide on time service to all our customers. However, due to circumstances that are typical of any mode of travel, we sometimes do face delays/cancellations.
And we are very thankful to you for acknowledging that.

Optimizing cab availability has been one of our top priorities and we are rigorously working on it. We are also in the process of adding new cars to our fleet. Several measures are being taken in this direction.

Having said that, we do accept that we should have interacted with you on the inconvenience you faced. We deeply regret not replying to you well in time.
We’d like to speak to you. Please share your Booking ID/Mobile No. at

Assure you we’ll look into it and get back to you soon.

Customer Relations,

Meru Cabs

Akash Kore said...

If someone missed his flight because Meru cabs delay then you do Meru? This radio taxis playing good role and using technology in business to get passenger cab easily at any time. Once i booked Mega cabs taxi in Bangalore to attend party but before 20 min i got a call and said because of unavailability of cabs it's not possible to provide you. In that situation what i do and it's too difficult to get a cab in Bangalore at evening. So they need to inform at least 1 hrs before or allot cab on time.

Govardhan Avvaru said...

Thanks for sharing the information and I agree with you!
Regards, cabs in hyderabad