Thursday, September 15, 2011

India in 52 frames - 16

Monsoon On The Ruins

Hampi and its ruins are long steeped in history. Some say it is the legendary Kishkindha, the capital of the monkey kings Bali & Sugriva. It is also revered as the birth place of Hanuman. Centuries afterward, Harihara and Bukka founded their capital at the same site which was brought to its zenith by Krishna Deva Raya.

Today it's ruins are visited by thousands of gawking tourists and pilgrims all through the year. However, when the monsoons break above the skies - the ruins acquire another, magical aspect altogether.

Image Details : Composite HDR Panorama comprising 6 frames, over 3 exposure settings.

Camera : Canon EOS 350D Digital
Focal Length : 18mm

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