Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birds & Photography

While I’ve always had interest in birds, I only took up their photography very recently. Far from being proficient, I still struggle with identifying them correctly. Yet, here are some images that I’ve taken over the years and hoping to get some better ones soon


Black Necked Storks
A pair of Black Necked Storks in Bharatpur – the one facing left is the male with the black eyes


White throated Kingfisher
A white throated Kingfisher, a bird made famous by the eponymous Indian beer

Long Tailed Shrike
A Long Tailed Shrike, also known as the Rufous Backed Shrike

Fighters from the moon
A pair of Black Kites against the backdrop of the moon near Mangalore

Bed of thorns
A Short Toed Snake Eagle rests on a clump of cactus in the Thol Bird Sanctuary near Ahmedabad

A Shikra, also known as the Sparrow Hawk

A Brahminy Kite plucks a dead chicken out of the Arabian Sea backwaters

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The humble Red Vented Bulbul in my front lawn

A magnificent Green Bee Eater at Thol Bird Sanctuary, Ahmedabad


Aarti said...

Awesome pics...

but my fav is the last one- the pose :D

arjun said...