Thursday, February 10, 2011

Images - Aero India 2011

Am currently covering the Aero India 2011 Air Show on an assignment. Some pictures from the first two days of action











India's homegrown Light Combat Aircraft 'Tejas' takes off for a display flight. The aircraft has had a tumultuous development history and is yet to be fully inducted in the Indian Air Force, even after missing multiple deadlines.



The Boeing F/A 18 Super Hornet has enthralled the audience with its superb agility at Aero India. The aircraft is among the candidates vying for the lucrative MMRCA deal currently under consideration by the Indian Air Force.



The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon takes off with afterburners lit. The plane is another contender for the MMRCA contract.











The Anglo-German-Italian, Eurofighter Typhoon is tipped by many as the leading horse in the MMRCA race.


Six aircraft, the American F/A-18 & the F-16 along with the Typhoon, the Swedish Saab Gripen, the French Dassault Rafale and the Russian MiG-35 are vying for the MMRCA contract. In this image, all but the Mig-35 line up to show off their capabilities at Aero India 2011.


However, the big daddy at the show is undoubtedly the Sukhoi Su-30 MkI. Jointly developed by Russia and India, few aircraft if any can match the awesome prowess of this monster.



A prototype of the Light Combat Helicopter developed by India, shows off its wares.


A staple at any Indian Air Show, the Air Force's Surya Kiran Aerobatics Team. This however, was their last performace with the Kiran aircraft as the team is being temporarily disbanded.















The Indian Air Force also fields one of the very few helicopter aerobatics teams in the world - the delectable Sarangs


A real crowed puller - The Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team. One of the pilots in the team is actually a 62 year old lady!


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