Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Awake... with the stars still in the sky, the wind rustling in the woods
Sleep... when the world is awake, sleep when you want
Breathe... breathe in the spirit of your own existance
Exhale... all that is past, the useless, the worthless
Live... for the promise of tomorrow is as true as the tooth fairy
Die... die you must, because to live is to die
Love... love all that you want for that's the only thing in the world that's free
Hate... hate all that you want to hate, who's stopping you?
Surmise... if what you want is really what you need
Realize... that you alone can choose where you go from here


Chayakaar said...

If you love the way you live then when you die your body will sleep but your soul will ,forever, be awake and breathing in the souls of the people whose life you have touched in your life-time :)

Lovely post !!!!!

Sidhusaaheb said...


Anonymous said...

This was beautiful. It made sense on so many different levels.

My favorite is Exhale.