Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Ten Tag

Tag time again ppl and it comes from Chandu. I'm supposed to relate the first ten numbers with important stuff from my life... lets see how it goes

10 - The name of the first and best Pearl Jam album ever. One of my all time favourites.

9 - The number of years we've been together and I've loved each one of them.

8 - liters of beer, that's my record for a single evening... :D

7 - the number of women I have dated

6 - pairs of footwear I own currently, the most I have ever had in one go

5 - the number of times I have read the complete Lord of the Rings - cover to cover

4 - the total number of goals I have scored in my hockey career

3 - the number of days that I survived on 2 bars of Snickers only

2 - the number of cameras i own

1 - my wife, the #1 person in the world


Sidhusaaheb said...

Seven I would have related to the movie by that name ( ).

Ten with the number of my i.e. Sikh Gurus in human form and also with the real seat of power in this country at present.

Eight with the figure that I'd like to learn to ride my motorcycle in.

Nine with the age I was in 1984.

Four with the directions i.e. N, S, E, W, all of which I'd like to travel in.

One with the power of One...Ekla Chalo to say.


Suki said...

@"1": Awww :).

Anonymous said...

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