Monday, November 17, 2008

Asan te tainu rab manneya

Rab - bande di zaat ikko hi
Jiwen kapde di zaat hai ruun
Kapde de vich ruun hai lukkeya
Jiven vich bande de vich tu

(God and man are the same, just like cloth and cotton. Just like cotton is part of the cloth, God is in you only...)

Tu mane ya na mane dildara
asan te tainu rab manneya
Das hor keda rab da dawara
asan te tainu rab manneya

(Whether you believe me or not my love, but for me you are God. Tell me if there is another way to find Him, for me you are God.)

Koi Kashi koi Makka janda
koi Kumbh vich dhakke khanda
Kahin aur na sajda gawara
asan te tainu rab manneya.

(Some find salvation in Varanasi or Mecca, some brave the crowd at the Kumbh. I bow my head nowhere else, for me you are God.)


chandni said...

it is beautiful.

Soulmate said...

I loved this... specially the last four lines...

Anonymous said...

whose kalaam is this?

Sidhusaaheb said...



nomad said...

# navcity - dunno who's actually written the original verses but they have been performed by the Wadali brothers. Some sources attribute them to Baba Bulleh Shah but I doubt it.

# Soulmate, SS & Chandni - Thx :)

Soulmate said...

as per my knowledge, these are heer-ranjha phrases..