Friday, June 13, 2008


Chandu has once again sent across a tag.. here it goes


I am: a nomad, at least in soul

I think: that there is nothing called fate, everything that happens to you is a direct result of your actions

I know: that i'll die some day for sure., but there is lots that i want to do before i die

I want: a Canon EOS 1DS Mk III, with a 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS and lots more.....

I have: my wife... so basically i don't want anything... the above line is just to fill the column

I wish: that i am able to give her everything she wants

I hate: the moment when i am unable to giver her what she wants

I miss: the innocence of my childhood

I fear: losing the people i love.... beyond that there is nothing that scares me

I feel: everyone should travel by second class sleeper on the Indian Railways at least once in their lives

I hear: less than what i should be hearing

I smell: practically everything.... i think i was a dog in my previous life

I crave: for good food... all the time

I search: for myself

I wonder: if i will ever be able to find myself

I regret: nothing any more

I love: my wife and whole lot of other people and things... the list is endless

I ache: i don't ache, my stupid knee does

I am not: as insensitive as people think i am

I believe: loving is the most important thing in life

I dance: the macarena really well

I sing: like a donkey imitating a wolf on full moon night

I cry: for this world sometimes.. the way it is getting sucked into the whirlpool of relegious intolerance and pointless violence

I don’t always: agree with myself

I fight: for everything that i feel is right

I write: much less than i want

I win: not every argument with the wife

I lose: not every argument with the wife

I never: wanted to be who i am right now, but then it's not that bad either

I always: wanted to be a railway engine driver

I confuse: between magenta and maroon

I listen: to a lot of music

I can usually be found: hunching over my laptop, making some PPT or the other, if not - then i am peering through my camera's viewfinder - both to the consternation of lé wife

I am scared: that i will die after everyone i love dies :-(

I need: to know... always

I am happy about: the fact that there are so many people who love me and i can count on them when i need them

I imagine: my self on the wheel of a Porsche 911

I tag: no one... this one is for keeps :-)


Sidhusaaheb said...

I would've substituted 'feel' with 'think'.


BTW, how much is that camera likely to cost? More than 100,000 rupees, at the very least? I was looking at an ad. for Nikon products yesterday and if I remember correctly, the price of something similar was about 300,000 rupees.


Abhi said...

Interesting :)
As i was reading your answers and found frequent mention of 'the wife', I was almost expecting to read:
"I am scared: of my wife." :P