Monday, February 18, 2008

Looking for God?

Je rab milda nahateya dhoteya, te rab milda dadduan machiyan noo,
Je rab milda jangal phireyan te rab milda gaiyaan bachiyan noon
Je rab milda mandir - masiti te milda cham chidikhiyan noon

Ve miyan Bulleya rab onhan noon milda
Ati dil-eya achiyyan sachhiya noon


If God was to be found by bathing and cleaning, then frogs and fishes would have found him long back
If God was to be found by roaming in jungles, then cows and other animals would have found him long back
If God was to be found in Temples and Mosques then the birds and the bats would have found him long back

Bulle, God will be found only by those who are true and good at heart....


Sidhusaaheb said...

I quote from my comment on another post containing Baba Bulleh Shah's poetry:

I love the slightly irreverant and in-your-face kind of attitude and humour evident in Baba Bulleh Shah’s poetry, which, to me, is very representative of the essence of being a Punjabi!

The message that he tries to send across to the readers always comes out loud-and-clear.

The post can be accessed at

Raza Rumi said...

thanks for posting these brilliant lines here...
The essence of connecting God remains an internal journey and has little to do with external formalities...

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful and so true.

Vrij said...

ui ma.. ye tujhe kya ho gaya hai vats?