Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The shape of things to come

Yes Yes I know, you have suffered a lot at Delhi Airport. And even after reading this post, many of you may still doubt that soon all this is going to change. But don't judge us even before we have started, there is a long way to go and I am sure things would be a lot better soon.

Sample this...

A spacious new domestic terminal by 2008 - including a large arrivals hall as well. To be designed by Hafeez Contractor, this terminal
(to be named 1B) will ease the pain of catching that rush hour flight. And yes, the old 1B will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

A 4.4 kilometer long runway - one of Asia's longest. This too would be ready by 2008 and be capable to handle the A380 (that in reality depends on Airbus' ability to actually sell them). This runway would be parallel to the existing 10-28 runway and equipped with CAT IIIB ILS (hopefully, some more pilots would be able to make use of it by then). So look out of your window in 2008, you may see a 747 gliding down right next to you and yes.... no more hovering in circles !

A spanking new Terminal 3 by 2010 - This will be an integrated terminal for both domestic and international flyers. The low cost carriers stay in T1B while the rest move here. Capable of handling more than 27 million people a year, this terminal would rival the very best airports in the world. 74 aerobridges, 130 check in counters, automated passenger movers, hotels, restaurants, malls and parking for 4300 cars !! And if the government agrees... even a high speed Metro to CP!! And here are some pics of what the 'NEW' Delhi Airport would look like

*** Footnote : This post may appear like a u
nabashed self promotion (after all I work at the airport), but guys remember, that I suffer equally when I have to hover in the air for 40 minutes before my flight lands, so I am looking forward to this as much as you are... ***


Akshay said...

The new look of the blog is nice. Do work at the IGI airport?

Sidhusaaheb said...

I am a great fan of Hafeez Contractor, so it seems like it should actually turn out to be quite good!


chandni said...

shameless PRO ;)

akash said...

hummmm, no more w8ing. but how long will it take for airport to get going(ho man again w8ing) heheehhe

nomad said...

@ akshay - thanks for the comment, yes I do work at IGI. My company DIAL owns and operates the IGIA.

@ sidhusaheb - will put up a preview of his design soon

@ chandni - this proves how seriously i take my job ;o)

@ akash - well not too much, by 2008 you will see some serious developments at IGIA

Nimisha said...

@ nomad - omg! I can't believe this. I was in the very small team lead by Hafeez that designed the new 1D and sat at DIAL's older office at Udaan Bhawan for more than two years!
Which deptt did you work in? still with DIAL, are you?
I ve been reading chandni's blog on and off for some time, though came to yours for the very first.