Monday, October 30, 2006

For those who want to see God

Rab Tethon Vakh Nahi
Tai-yon Denda Dakh Nahi
Teri Vekhan Waali Akh Nahi

(God is within you, but you can't see, because you don't have the eyes to see him)


Sidhusaaheb said...

Rightly said!

Reading Sufi poetry in Punjabi is always such an ethereal experience... :)

chandni said...

that's true o other things as well...not just God.

Its only withe the min'd eye that one can see clearly. What is essential, is invisible to the eye.

Mostly, what you believe is true...

Minal said...

oh yes and its us who keep looking for him everywhere except within us.

chandni said...

a little birdie told us that u have some free time at hand in the next couple of days.....we demand a new post!

:D :D :D