Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why I hate IM chats !!!

IM chats are wonderful tool. For virtually no cost, I can be in touch with friends, family, colleagues, clients or anybody. I do the same too, but of late the price I have had to pay is weighing too hard on me :(

For starters, IMs don't convey emotions, those silly smileys be damned !! The same sentence written at one end with a certain kind of emotion can be construed at the other end in the totaly opposite way. I may type "Well....." and the person at the other end can take it to be sarcasm, exasperation, confusion and 30,000 other forms !! And after that, if a fight starts - things get all the more jumbled up and more confusion ensues. Trust me people, I know it from personal experience and the aftermath sucks bigtime !!

Then there is the stupid fuckin lag which butts in at the most inopportune moments. An important sentence is delivered 3 minutes later and the whole context has changed by then. Result - a bigger fuck up !! No matter how hard you try and explain, it keeps getting worse. And slowly you start losing your temper and write nasty stuff. Just about then the lag vanishes and all those nasty comments appear in one second flat making you look like a venom spewing monster.

I can't tell you the number of scraps I have gotten into because of this stupid IM !! I thought technology was supposed to make my life easier, right now it's made me miserable ... Fuck you Yahoo, MSN and Google !! Rot in Hell............

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